Actress, Singer, writer and composer

In her short but remarkable career as a tango performer she has become a great singer with an absolutely promising future.

She installed in the public the fingerprint of an integral artist. Her presence combines firmness and histrionics with a perfect balance between wide expressive dramatic quality and elegant vocal technique.

Before singing tango, she took part in different musical shows, with international production like “Les Miserables” and “The little shop of horror”

Seduced mainly by the melodies of Astor Piazzolla she decided to begin her career as a Tango singer. She had the possibility to sing duets with great singers like Raúl Lavie and Guillermo Fernandez.

She was the main singer of one of the best tango houses in Buenos Aires called   “Esquina Carlos Gardel” and “Esquina Homero Manzi”. She was part of the Company “Tango Emotion”. She made a great variety of shows in different cultural circuits like Club del Vino, Café Homero, Clásica y Moderna, Notorious-Gandhi, El Vesuvio, etc. During the VI Tango Festival organized by the Government of Buenos Aires City, she was invited to perform in “Feria de Mataderos”.

She made her first debut on television hosting a program called “Sabor a Tango” broadcasted by Utilisima Satelital channel. This program combined the Argentinean traditional cooking art with the Tango poetry, recited by Claudia’s sensual voice.

As a young ambassador of the tango, she traveled to Brazil, Uruguay, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Sloveny and USA, where the opening of Evita’s museum took place in 2004. She has been performing in Germany for three years, last time at the Kammermusiksaal of Berlin Philarmonic Theater.

She has also performed at Salón Dorado of Casa de la Cultura, in the hall of Teatro General San Martin, at Centro Cultural San Martin and was specially invited to sing at Presidente Alvear Theather with the Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires, directed by Raúl Garello.
She also was invited for the fourth time to the “Música en la Ciudad”, organized by one of the most important newspaper of Argentina named Clarín, and Sociedad de distribuidores de diarios, revistas y afines.

Since 2006 she is part of the tango company called “Otango”, an European Tango Company who makes tours in Europe once a year.

She has three discography works, the first one “Renaciendo” launched in 2004, the second one “Alma de Tango”, recorded alive during her last tour in Germany launched in 2005 in Europe and the third CD, “Otra Mirada”, a tribute to Eladia Blazquez, musically directed by Pablo Mainetti and the participation of the great artist Susana Rinaldi as special guest, launched in 2008.

She was part of the show called “Madero Tango, the musical” with Raul Lavie, Valeria Lynch and Laura Fidalgo; and in the other show called “Puerto Buenos Aires” made in the same tango house, with Raul Lavie, Patricia Sosa, Maximiliano Guerra and Mora Godoy.

Daily she performs in the show “Rojo Tango” at Faena Universe Hotel.

Recently she was summoned by the famous Tango Company “GOTAN PROJECT” to make a world tour during 2010/11.

Representing the Tango voice, either around the world or in Argentina, this young and sensual singer offers us a different proposal, with an amazing modern look; she really knows how to show the feeling of Tango with her virtuous and excellent voice, which offers us a very attractive version of the current tango woman.

Before she met with Tango:

·2001: She was summoned by Alejandro Romay production to be part of the staff of the Musical "LA TIENDITA DEL HORROR" directed by Rob Roth.
·2001: Musical "JESUS DE NAZARETH", Angel Mahler-Directed by Carlos Abregú.
·2001: Musical "KOLBE Solo el Amor Crea", Angel Mahler-Directed by Carlos Abregú.
·2000: She performed, "JUST DO IT, YA NO SOMOS MISERABLES" at Club del Vino.
·2000: She was part of the Musical "LOS MISERABLES", Directed by Ken Caswel and Produced by Cameron Mackintosh.
·2000: She was part of the staff of the Opereta "LO QUE ME COSTÒ EL AMOR DE LAURA", written by Alejandro Dolina.
·1998: She recorded a CD with the Vocal Group "Manares".
·1995: Her first performance in Musicals was in "FAUSTO" where she played the main character of Margarita.

· Former singer of the Vocal Group Manares, sponsored by Opus 4, with performances at Café Tortoni, Centro Cultural San Martín, Sociedad Rural de Bs.As.; among others.

· She studied singing with Natalia Swartz and Hernando Irahola, and she is currently studying with Gisella Barok.
· She gradueted at CoSal Institute as a radio speaker.
· She took especial courses of TV and radio scripts in APTRA under the guidance of Luis Buero.
· She also studied Theater with Alejandra Boero.
· She has knowledge of english language.

Radio Speaker and Dubbing:

· Documentaries and movies dubbing in Palmera Records, Civisa, Mediaprocom (Disney), Videodub.
· Video Records, Master Dubbing, I-Sat, and Tv Compras.
· Conduction and technical operation for radio FM Noroeste 103.5 and Music 91.1 (Junín, Province of Bs.As.)
· Locución en FM Tango 104.9 (Junín, Province of Bs.As.)
· Locución and conduction of events, fashion parades and art expositions.
· Publicity and jingles for different radios AM y FM
· Expierence in soap operas, set in different times.



"Café Los Angelitos"
Av. Rivadavia 2100

"Live witness of more than a hundred years of the history of Buenos Aires
Today at the forefront of Tango
With its show it goes through a whole era in a luxurious and distinguished way
And it writes the first page of the next history..."Every night 21 artists on stage invite you to share a unique night.


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